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July 24, 2012
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Study: Visual Space by GabbyFe Study: Visual Space by GabbyFe
Note: These sketches are done to illustrate each frame and shouldn't be judged as actual complete images :)

So, this is a bit of a study and a tutorial. It's a look at VISUAL SPACE, in particular what ways once can divide a frame. A frame can be a film frame, a photograph, a comic panel or whatever else. This works with film, tv, or any other type of media.

Separating a frame means the viewer's eye will be drawn to a particular part, depending on how you do it and what your goal is. If a room with a character is only visible for a third of the frame, it might communicate a trapped feeling. If a frame is divided, with the character in a small part of that division, that part will be noticed first by the viewer.

Going Top left - mid left - bottom left - top right and so on.

First Frame: Divided by Thirds.
Notice how this separates the frame into three different parts or stories. The viewer notices all three characters and their own agendas. Please note this frame also shows the viewer what each character is doing/looking at even if the characters are not aware of the complete scene themselves.

Second Frame: Divide in Half.
This one is fairly straightforward - dividing a scene in half, vertically, horizontally, diagonally, etc shows a contrast between scenery or characters.

Third Frame: Divided by Half, or a Section
This is also a frame divided by half, but moreso to call attention to the smaller part. Notice how at first your eye travels to each division separately instead of taking in the entire frame.

Fourth Frame: Contrast Between Characters
This is a sketch to show how a background division can affect your impression of two characters. The line of the doorway serves to establish that the two characters are different, separated, to be compared against. If the background was uniform it would give an impression of unity. Think the difference between two candidates for a job (contrast) or two partners on a case (unity).

Fifth and Sixth Frame: Separation
These two frames are to illustrate what happens when the frame has a division meant to draw the viewer's eye to a certain person or character. Notice how your eye is drawn more to the girl in the second image because of how the tree divides the frame.

Anyway, enough rambling. I hope everything is clear, feel free to ask questions or comment with suggestions.

Thanks :)
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